Bedroom Closet, Manhattan

Bedroom Closet, Manhattan

Bedroom & Hallway Closet, Manhattan

Kitchen “Junk Drawer”, Manhattan


Bedroom Closet, Manhattan
Female client – married, mother of 2. Eight bags of clothing & accessories purged. Total amount of time: 4 hours.

“I admit it; I need a lot of help when it comes to getting organized. I have always struggled with it, and to some degree, it will always be a struggle for me...I knew that if someone could help me get organized, it would not be enough. I would need someone to teach me how to maintain it. The only problem was that the idea of a personal organizer made me nervous because I was embarrassed about how I keep my closets and drawers.

And then Natalie from Cut The Clutter came to the rescue! She went through my closet with me & listened to me as I agonized over
t-shirts I have had since the 8th grade. She never made me feel ridiculous for having unhealthy attachments to things that haven't fit me in years… It was like doing it with a friend and I really enjoyed having her in my space. She is the epitome of a well oiled machine and I look forward to more projects with Natalie. She truly helped us maximize our space in a small NYC apartment.”

-KB, Upper West Side

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